Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yoga aka Day 4

Today was yoga and I thought to myself, oh good a time to relax and relax the sore muscles from the days before. OH NO, it wasn't relaxing at all. In fact, today was much harder than I was anticipating and I was unable to do a lot of the poses. I didn't get discouraged though, I just keep thinking that the next time around will be better. I am still only down one pound, but that's okay, it's only been one week.

Tomorrow is legs, back and ab ripper x. Well just a recap for those of you that didn't read my second day blog, the leg workout (or plyometrics) was the thing that made me throw up so I'm really hoping for a better go-around this time. I was impressed at how much more of the ab ripper I could do on Wednesday compared to Monday, so tomorrow should be even better. I'm definitely feeling all my muscles, but it's a GREAT feeling!

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