Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2

Well day 2 is done and I must have pushed my body to its limit because when we were finished I had to refund my food from yesterday. I hate hate hate throwing up, but if this workout gets me into shape, which if I stick with it, it will, I am willing to keep on keeping on. Today we did plyometrics which is mainly leg workouts. Fifty-eight minutes of leg workouts...my legs feel like jello and we only made it through about 3/4 of the workout. I would say that I'm discouraged that we were only able to do 3/4 but I'm not. I figure this was our first time and we did our best, so my goal next time is to be able to finish it. We did workouts such as lunges, jumping, kicking your legs over the back of the chair. It may not sound as tough on here, but if you ever see it or try it, you'd realize that it is WAAAYYY more tough than it sounds.

I'm not sure if it is due to throwing up, weight watchers, P90x or a combination, but I have already lost 1 pound and 0.3% body fat! Woohoo!!! It's only been 2 days and I've been sticking to my weight watchers diet and the workouts, I'm pretty happy!


  1. Good Job! You really should post your before picture. . .then you will be more determined to change it since everyone has seen it. Thats why I posted my weight. . .I think it helps. Keep up the good work!

  2. Day 3 where are you???? How are you????

  3. I had to work today from 10-6 so I didn't get to work out until tonight, but I did it!!! YAY!!!