Monday, April 26, 2010

Weight and measurement update!

What I've lost so far:
Pounds: 3.8
waist: 2.75"
Chest: 3.25"
hips: 2"
thighs: 1"
arms and ankle: 0.25"
% body fat: 0.7%

I'm pretty excited to see such a loss in just two weeks! I hope to continue to lose all the extra inches and weight. We splurged yesterday and took a day off (we had the option to take a day off or do stretching) and we had chinese food. It was SOOO good, but we felt so guilty after eating it. We are starting back on our diet today and today is arms and chest as well as the ab ripper X! I am so glad that Pat and I have been doing this together because it's helping both of us stick with it. We are going on week #3 and then next week is stretching I believe and then we move into phase 2. We are 1/2 way finished with phase 1 already!

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