Friday, October 3, 2014


Yesterday was a difficult day for our family.  We said our final goodbye to Pats grandpa.  First of all I would like to say that my husband did an amazing job speaking during the memorial service.  He kept his composure and really painted a lovely picture of who his grandpa was as a person.  Having lost my grandpa 10 years ago, I quickly adopted Pats grandparents a my own.  I imagine if my grandpa would have lived to see my children he would have been very similar to Pat's grandpa.  They both loved being outside, had a love of life, and everyone they knew was a better person for knowing our grandpas.  Ken was such a genuine, sincere, kind, and generous man.  I remember one semester when I was going to school and Pat was working nights and we only had one car, without hesitation his grandparents not only drive to our house once a week (45 minutes one way) to stay with our kids, and let me use their car to get to and from school.  I loved how Ken enjoyed the presence of our kids, helped them swim, let them "drive" his tractor, loved hiding the Easter eggs for the hunt every year, and all the tidbits of knowledge he instilled in my kids.  He is definitely going to be missed but his love, generosity, friendship, and kindness will live on through those lives that he has touched!