Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 3...going strong!

Today was day three of our work out/diet program! I have been staying on track with the healthy eating and I had to work out tonight after I worked 8 hours today (I should have gotten up early and done it so I could relax tonight). Today we worked our arms and shoulders oh, and the "ab ripper x". I have to say today has been my favorite so far. I was able to do all the arm and shoulder workouts without stopping and with 5 lb weights every time. I'm sure I'm going to be feeling it tomorrow, but for tonight it was worth it! As far as the ab ripper x, I was able to do more reps than I was on Monday and even though I couldn't do as many as the video, I either alternated a little on how I did it to where I could still feel it working my abs. You just wait..when I post my pictures in 90 days, I'm going to have defined abs!

Oh, since Declan has been awake the last couple of days we've been working out, he thinks he needs to work out with us. Tonight we were in Wal-Mart picking up a few things and ran into some friends and Declan dropped down in the middle of the floor and started doing push-ups. He can do about 15! He had a guy cheering him on, it was too funny!

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