Monday, April 12, 2010

And we're off

Today was Pat and I's first day of the P90x program. It totally kicked my butt but in a very good way. I feel much better since I've done it. I also started doing weight watchers along with it and so far I've been doing well. I figured since I can't have soda unless it's diet (YUCK) that I would drink crystal lite (they make a fruit punch now) or iced tea with splenda. It's actually been really good so far. I've been eating bagel thins which are 1 point and sandwich thins which are 1 point and I feel like I can still have a satisfying meal with much less bread. Who would have thought? Anyway, my weight loss goal is to be down 50 pounds by March 2011. I want to be healthier and look better and be able to keep up with my kiddos. My mind is set on doing this 90 day challenge, I have known some people that have done it and had amazing results, so I am giving it a whirl. We didn't wake up as early as we wanted to today in order to get the workout done before the kids got up, but Alaina watched a movie on the computer and Declan played quietly in his room while Pat and I did our workout for 1 hour. It really helps that we're doing this together because before when I tried to diet on my own or stick to a workout, it never seemed to work. I am glad that we're doing this together and I am going to keep blogging every day.

Today was pull-ups, push ups and abs. It was incredibly tough but I can already tell that it's waking my muscles up! On the ab workout I was only able to do at most about 5 reps of each of the different's extremely difficult. I just keep telling myself it will be worth it and eventually I'll be able to do all reps of each exercise and perhaps surpass the amount that they do.

We had to take pictures of ourselves before we started and WHOA was that a wake up call! I look horrible. We have to take pictures at beginning, 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. Once we are finished with all of it, I will post all the pictures. I know that some of you may not want to see any of those, but it helps keep me on track with my progress. I haven't figured out what our reward will be if we achieve our goal but I want it to be something worth working for!

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