Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So, Halloween is just around the corner. It is my least favorite of all the holidays. I hate to be scared and so I only remember ever going trick or treating twice in my entire life and one of those times was when I was a teenager. I have yet to take my kids trick or treating either. Thankfully this year, our church is doing a Halloween alternative that we are super excited about going to. It is a carnival from 5-9 and there are rides, games and food and the best part is that everything is FREE!!! I don't know about you, but I LOVE free! Also I have the entire day off so I can't wait to sleep in with my hunnie and just relax until going to the carnival.
Other than that I have just been drowning in homework. I've been trying to make sure I can get everything done before the middle of November because we have a 20 page paper to write (our marketing plan) instead of a final at the end of the quarter. As much as I despise tests, I'm not sure I'd rather write a 20 page paper than take a quick test. Oh well, the professor didn't give us the option. So, I get to do my first focus group on Friday November 6th. It is a requirement for this class so it should be interesting. The cool thing is I get $100 for doing it AND I get 30 points for the paper I write on it in class! I just keep pressing on and looking forward to our 4 week break over Christmas and New Years!!! We only have one more year until Pat and I are BOTH finished!!! We can't wait!

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