Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I finally figured out how to resize my pictures to sell stuff on Craigslist. However, I did not do any research to figure out how much things are going for and I sold some stuff WAY below what I could have asked for them. So far I have sold 5 out of the 11 items I posted. I am pretty happy about it. I figure since we're mainly selling the kids toys, we're going to put all the money in an envelope and use it for Christmas gifts this year!
So, later tonight we sold a couple of Declan's toys and at first he was sad, but I told him that we are selling stuff so that we have room for new stuff and he was happy. Then he said, how about we sell some more of my stuff mommy and can we sell the couch too?!?! I wish, one of these days we'll have new(er) furniture that all matches, but for the meantime our couch is SUPER comfortable and we have looked at other couches and have yet to find one as comfortable.
Anyway, tomorrow I am planning on going to another park or something to take some more fall pictures of the kids. I hope the weather is nice and the kids cooperate. I would love to do some family pictures, but if we do those it will have to wait until Saturday or Sunday. In the meantime I am LOVING the fall colors in the leaves and the smell of people having fires in their fireplaces.

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