Friday, August 5, 2011

7 more weeks!!!

As most of you are already aware, I only have 7 weeks left before I graduate with my Bachelor's Degree!!!! I couldn't be more excited! Anyway, I am taking my capstone, which is a 3 credit hour class and a history class (world history from 1500-present) which is also a 3 credit hour class. I thought this quarter would be a breeze considering I'm used to taking 9 credit hours every 12 weeks. Boy, was I WRONG! This has been sooooooo much work! I am happy to say that this will probably be my busiest week and the rest should be pretty smooth sailing. This Monday night I have a 50 minute presentation to give with one other group member along with a quiz. Wednesday I have a solo 15 minute presentation and an exam. Between these two presentations, I feel like I have spent hours upon hours researching, reading, organizing, and putting together a powerpoint for each. It seemed a little overwhelming but I am so glad to be finished and I will be super psyched when this week is O V E R.

On another note, Declan goes to his school on the 10th at 10am to meet his teacher Ms. Molitor. He is so excited about starting Kindergarten and I hope that it feeds his curiousity. Declan, Alaina, and I watched the Disney movie Ocean, it was more of a documentary and of course Alaina lost interest almost immediately. Declan, however, LOVED it! He thought it was so cool and informative. I'm so glad that he was born in an age where if he has a question, we can find the answer almost instantaniously thanks to the internet! I hope he never loses his sense of wonder and curiousity and that he always learns as much as he possibly can. He is so smart for only being (almost) 6.

Alaina is upset that she doesn't get to go to school this year but we are going to enjoy our "alone" time with her. I start working (3 hours/day) soon and while I'm at work Pat gets to hang out with Alaina, all by herself. She just amazes me everyday. She is so sweet and caring. Today I had a band-aid on my toe and she asked me why I had it on there and I told her because I have an "owie" and she said "aww, poor mommy, let me give you a hug". If you would have told me when she was a baby that she'd grow up to be such a sweetheart and a cuddler, I would NOT have believed you. I love my kids more than anything and I'm so proud of who they are becoming. I hope that Pat and I always root for them no matter what they want to do in life.

Lastly but certainly not least, my hubs. Pat has been working so hard for the last month. He has been painting the interior of a house for a friend during the day and then at night he's working his job at Daddy Ray's. He is so exhausted but still makes time to spend with us. Next on our agenda is to purchase a second car. We have been relying on people these last few months and although we are extremely grateful for those that have helped us, it's time for us to hopefully be able to help someone else.

That's all that's new in the Mahoney household!

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