Monday, February 14, 2011

our weekend

So, this weekend was fun...well Friday Pat was home sick so that wasn't very fun, but then Saturday we actually got out of bed early and got all of our errands finished by about 10am. We then just hung out as a family, and later met up with Pat's dad and step-mom and they kept Declan overnight. Since we just had Alaina, we decided to take her ice was a blast. In a total of about 45 minutes we made it around the rink MAYBE 4 times, but she had lots of fun. After that, we came home and went to bed and Sunday we went to church, then I served in the nursery and then we went to lunch for my birthday and went to Pat's aunt and uncles for his grandpa's 81st birthday. It was a busy day on Sunday but still fun. Then I got a wake up call at 4 am to Declan throwing up in the bathroom. So I got up and got his bed all cleaned up while my wonderful hubby got up and took care of Declan. Luckily it wasn't the flu, it was just drainage from his cold that he's had. Oh and Pat and the kids gave me my birthday present early...Wii fit plus! They're so sweet!

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