Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, there hasn't been anything too exciting going on here. We started back to school 2 weeks ago, so we've been keeping busy with homework. Declan has been going to VBS all weekend and he's LOVING it. He's been asking me a lot about why Jesus had to die on the cross this week. I'm so glad that he's so curious and interested to learn about everything. Alaina has been talking...a lot! This morning she climbed into bed with me and we were talking and she put her hands over her eyes, shook her head, and said "i can't believe this". It was too funny!

Pat's boss offered him with an opportunity the other day. There is an opening at the Lake St. Louis location for the same position that he does now. It's his if he wants it, but it's a tough decision. The boss he has now has proven to be amazing and he likes all the women he works with. He is going to go today to meet all the people at the Lake St. Louis location. He has to give his boss notice on Monday of whether he will be staying at Olive or moving to Lake St. Louis. It could be a very exciting opportunity.

Declan starts preschool on August 30. I think I'm more excited about it than he is. I really think he's going to love it and learn so much. I am so glad that God has blessed us with this opportunity. Alaina keeps asking if she gets to go, too. Also next week, I start babysitting a friend of our's little boy. I can hardly wait. He's so cute and tiny!

That's it for now! Oh, if you're interested, I've done one family photo shoot and I have two this weekend and one next week. It's going well so far...I did update my website, so check it out

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