Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Overall, our holiday weekend was a blast! It started off with my last day at Sams being Thursday, July 1st. Then, on Friday we let the kids do some sparklers, we did a couple of roman candles and then they did the snap pop things that you throw on the ground. They did surprisingly well other than Alaina burning her finger on one of the sparklers. They did NOT like the fountains that made lots of noise, or the firecrackers. Saturday night, we went to watch the big fireworks that got shot off at TR Hughes ballpark, but didn't really get to see too much. Today, the 4th, we went to Ken and Judy's and went swimming, barbequed and had fun hanging out with family. Alaina got stung by a wasp on her ankle as she was standing on the diving board waiting to jump into the pool...poor baby! Then we came home and let the kids do some more sparklers and other small things to celebrate. I decided to play with my manual setting on my camera to see if I could get any good pictures, and here are some of the ones I think turned out alright!

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