Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Starting over

Pat and I did so well with P90x for the first 60 days and then when we were ready to start phase 3, we just didn't keep the motivation going. We decided, after taking roughly 3 weeks off, to start the program over. This time though, instead of doing the classic routine, both of us are going to be doing the lean routine. The good news: I am starting 10 pounds lighter than I did the first time around! Since Pat has started his new job, we get insurance after he's been there for 60 days which will be the beginning of September. We should be done with this on September 27, so I've set my goal that I want to be at 170lbs by that date. Right now I am at 198.6, so that gives me 3 months to lose 28.6 pounds. I am going to the doctor once we get insurance, you know the doctor's scales always say you weigh more than you do at home, and my goal is for them to be impressed with my weight loss. I realized the other day that when I started this program the first time around, my weight was only 3 pounds less than the weight I was 2 days before delivering Declan. That made me cringe when I realized how much I have let myself go, but here I am, to get myself back on track!

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