Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Possibilities

I applied for a position and have gone through two sets of questionnaires and I have a phone interview on Saturday at 3:00. I am super excited about this position but I am extremely nervous about the interview. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated! Not only would this job be perfect for my type of personality, but it would be a great place to work as well as people to work for!

On another note, Pat is so close to finishing his BA!!!! I couldn't be more proud of him. He has done such an amazing job with school, family, work, and everything else life has thrown our way. He is my hero! He graduates in May with his BA and will possibly be going for his MBA immediately afterwards. He is still undecided on that.
I finish in June and I am SOOO happy! I feel like these last few years we have accomplished so much, but we couldn't have done it without God by our side! I have learned so much and feel like I have grown so much spiritually and mentally. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us this upcoming year. I am so excited!!!

Declan's head is looking worse (it's a HUGE blue bruise now) but the swelling has gone down so there is no longer a bump on his forhead. He's such a trooper. He told me that he was "very brave" for letting the nurse put an ice pack on his head :o) We are signing him up to play t-ball this spring/summer. A friend of ours is going to coach the team and Cohen (their son) will be on the team with Declan. He seems excited about it now, but we'll see. He still talks about wanting to do gymnastics, which he loved, but there aren't too many places out by us that offer that. Anyway, that's our life at the moment!

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