Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Declan and Alaina...

Well, since we've moved into our new place at the beginning of March, the kids have experienced a lot more "nature" than they were used to. We have seen snakes, bugs, racoons, possums, and on top of it, with all the wooded area behind us, we have heard a woodpecker. Every time Alaina heard the woodpecker, she'd place her hand by her ear and say "hear that...petture". It's SOO funny to hear her say it, so now I always ask her if she hears a woodpecker and she'll just say "petture" it sounds a lot like she's just saying pecker, so you can imagine what other people are thinking when they hear her say it. She still calls Declan Gugga, but she now will say her name if you ask her what her name is. I frequently ask her what her name is and she replies, "Laina".

Today, we were all hanging out in the living room after we got out of bed this morning and Pat was telling me how he applied to waste management for an auditing position. Declan asked him what waste management was, so he was explaining that they're the people that come and pick up all of our trash and Declan was fascinated. Pat mentioned that if he was auditing he'd ask if he could ride on the back of the truck just for the fun of it because he's always wanted to do that and Declan nonchalantly said, "well you can't ride on the back of the garbage truck naked...your feet will get cold!" Kids are priceless and always good for a laugh! Something else we have been doing with Declan is teaching him to write his letters and how to write his name. I bribed him the other day with a cupcake if he would sit still and let me teach him how to write his name and he did a GREAT job!

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