Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well today we got the news that we most likely will overqualify to live in the house that we were hoping to get. It is frustrating because they figured in a raise that Pat could POSSIBLY get, but probably won't, so that put us over the top. They also based our income off of the bonus Pat got around Christmas time and made that a constant for the entire year which is about 50% higher than what he normally receives. On top of all of that, they took my two largest paycheck stubs and based my income off of those, which shows us bringing in about 50% more than we actually do. It's a bummer, but we know that God is good and as long as we are doing our part of the deal, He will do His. We are kind of on edge trying to figure out where we are supposed to go because in order for our apartment complex to confirm our rental history, we had to let them know that we plan on leaving. So we turned in a letter to our front office informing them that when our lease is up, at the end of February, that we will not be staying here. It's tricky because we're in a catch 22. The housing place will only refund our security deposit if we are ineligible to move into the house. If we withdrawl our application, they keep the security deposit, which is quite a chunk of change. So, even though we don't think we're going to qualify to live in this house, we have to continue with the process and let God do his thing. Since we had to tell our current place that we are no longer staying here in order for them to get the paperwork filled out that has to go back to the place we're wanting to lease the house from...well you get's a viscious cycle.

We believe that God has a plan for us and that He will lead us in the direction he wants us to go, wherever that may be. I'm sad that we're probably not getting the house but I trust in God completely to take care of us, so I'm not worried!

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