Monday, January 25, 2010


So if you didn't know already, we're trying to move into a house hopefully by the end of February. They are just waiting on some verifications and we should hopfully know by the end of this week if we are set to move. We will be in between Troy and Wentzville in a quiet neighborhood and we are SO excited! As excited as I am, I am not looking forward to the packing and unpacking part, but the overall outcome is going to be MUCH better, which makes it all worth it in the end! God is already blessing us and the first month isn't even over yet!

Yesterday, I went to get my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed and decided that Alaina needed a trim, too. She has this one curl in the back that always ends up tangled and knotted and so we had Trista cut it off and make the back a little more even. We also had her trim the front since it kept getting in Alaina's eyes. The front is a little shorter than I wanted, but it will grow out, so I'm not too worried about it. Since she got her haircut she looks a little older.

Update from the last blog post...since Alaina is now 2 years old and has all of her teeth, we decided it was finally time to take away the bink or as Alaina calls it, her "b". So she now only gets it at nap time and bed time and she has been talking alot more. Although the first 3 days or so were rough, she's been really good since! Now if you say "Alaina are you a big girl?" she says "No, I baby" because we told her that "b's" are for babies, so now she tells us she is a baby in hopes that we'll allow her to have it. No such luck but it's really cute to hear her say it!

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