Sunday, January 5, 2014

More than Blessed

With the new year comes new beginnings, fresh starts, and a chance to do what you didn't accomplish the year before.  I am so overwhelmingly happy with the heart my children have for others.  There is a specific teacher at the daycare that is there in the afternoon to watch the school-aged kiddos.  She is not the friendliest, and I swear she has something out for Declan.  She loves to tell us when he gets in trouble without giving him a chance to explain himself.  Pat and myself have had some difficult authority issues with her, nothing bad, just her telling our kids to do things when we're trying to tell them it's time to go.  Anyway, Pat was telling me that the other night when he went to go pick up the kids, Declan started walking out of daycare and said, "OH WAIT".  He ran back in and told this particular teacher to have a nice night and a great weekend!  After doing so, he told Pat that his New Years Resolution is to tell her that every night before he leaves because it just might make her happy.  You have no idea how incredibly happy and humbled this made me feel.  Sometimes I feel as though we're given children to teach us what no one else can.  Declan definitely has compassion and at the young age of 8 knows that a smile, compliment, or encouragement can totally turn around someone's day!  I am so proud to call him my son!!!

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