Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Just when we think things are starting to pan out something changes and we're back to square one and confused. Pat has wanted to play either ice hockey or soccer for as long as I have known him (10 years). We either had the time but not the money or vice versa. He finally got the chance to be able to play soccer and then BANG...he gets an interview for a job where he would work the night shift and be unable to play. With as upset as he was he said he would take the job because of obvious reasons. I feel terrible because I feel like he has put his desires aside for as long as I have known him so that I could persue mine. I'll inform you all of the outcome of his interview!

On another note, I have started doing childcare at church for different events in order to bring in a little money, along with my photography. Today I was extended an opportunity to take pictures for an event that is going to be published in the St. Louis Magazine with some of the top executive chefs in the area. Unfortunately it's on the same night that I am supposed to be doing childcare. It seems like God is opening some doors for us but at the same time we are so confused on what we're supposed to do and which direction we're going. I am so excited about the opportunities we've been given and I know that something GREAT is coming, I can just feel it! I just ask that you all pray with us about direction and priorities.

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