Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet Hook-up!!!

Today I had to go do a focus group on Sparkle paper towels. In the marketing class I am currently in the teacher makes us do a focus group or a mystery shop. I tried doing the mystery shop and nothing ever seemed to work out right, so I called up Lucas Market Research in Earth City and asked if there was a focus group I qualified for. I know boring...snore! Anyway, I got put on a list to do a focus group for this morning and in preparation, they sent me a journal that I had to do for 5 days! It seems like a lot of work but really it's not. We were getting paid $25 for our journals and $75 for doing the focus group. If we got to MLR early, we were put into a drawing to win an extra $25 and guess who won!!! That's right, my name was pulled right out of that basket and I just beamed. Yeah, I know it's only $25 but I WON! So I was all happy waiting to go sit in the room with these 6 other women to talk about the paper towel that we all "love" when I hear the receptionist tell me that someone wanted to talk to me. I thought to myself "uh-oh, they found out I work at Sams and aren't going to let me do this group (you couldn't work at a place that manufactured, distributed, or marketed paper towels. To my surprise, the lady said in a whispering tone "we accidently overbooked this group so we are going to pay you and you get to go home!" I couldn't believe it! Not only did I win the $25 drawing but I get paid $100 to go home?!?! God never ceases to amaze and take care of me and my family!

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