Monday, November 9, 2009

Learning Something New

As I have mentioned many times before, I am currently in a marketing cluster. We just had to do a paper on personal branding and I found it to be very exciting. It has given me an idea of who I am, what I want to be perceived as, and which direction I want my life to be headed. I am having a hard time deciding what I want to do whenever I get my degree whether I want to try to do an office job such as accounting, or at least something with numbers, or if I want to be risky and start my own business.
If any of you know me well, you know that I am not a risk all! However, while sitting in church a few weeks ago, Pastor Erik was talking about taking risks and doing what God has called you to do instead of just sitting by taking the easy path because it is safe, secure, and much less risky. I know the idea of starting my own business has a lot that would go with it but at the same time, I truly believe that it is where I am the most gifted, the most talented, and I absolutely love it.
In this class I have learned that sometimes it is okay to take risks. If you fail, you learn from your mistakes and move on. I think my problem is the failing part. I choose not to take risks because I am afraid to fail. Through my wonderful Pastor and my current professor I have learned that failing is part of learning and growing. If I don't have a clear vision of where I want my business, life, marriage, whatever to go, it will fail. If I listen to God and define the vision that I believe he has set before me, I believe I will be more successful than I could have ever imagined.
I am willing to take the risk, as soon as I finish the marketing plan and the vision for our future!

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