Sunday, July 27, 2014

What is Beauty….really?!?!?!

After reading this article the other day on Facebook, I've been thinking about this a lot.

This woman talks about how her kids took a picture of her laying on a beach and how mortified she was when she was flipping through her photos and saw it.  I can totally sympathize with her.  When I met Pat I was a size 8.  I was comfortable with the way I looked and I felt great.  Now, after being married 9 1/2 years, having two kids, and working a full time job, I find little to no motivation to work out and keep my body looking slim and in shape.  Yes, I want to be healthy and be an example for my kids but after reading that article, I'm wondering how many kids would say their mommy is super beautiful just the way she is.  I find myself sometimes not wanting to play with the kids or get in the pool because I've gained so much weight and I'm no longer attractive.  On the other hand, they're going to remember me doing things with them more than me watching or me being thin.  I feel like I've done a huge disservice to my children by talking about myself and how fat I have become and then taking it a step further and not playing with them or spending as much time with them because I'm worried about me and how other people might see me.  This is a reality check for me to know that I am made in the image of God, I'm beautiful regardless of what society says.  Who am I going to choose to listen to, who God says I am or what the world says I should be?!?!

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