Sunday, June 9, 2013

Long time no post

Well well well,

I have not posted in quite a long time.  Things have changed but are still going well!  We are now into summer time and Alaina is so excited to start Kindergarten this year!  Declan has been going to camp through his daycare and took the test to be able to swim in the deep end of the pool without a lifejacket and passed the test!!!  He has been playing baseball and loving every minute of it.  He played the spring session and just started the Summer session.  Alaina has made it known that she wants to do gymnastics and soccer so we were thinking gymnastics this summer and soccer in the fall.  Life is so busy and I cannot believe how old my "babies" are getting.

As far as Pat and I, we are still seeking God's will for our lives and trying to figure out what it is he wants us to do.  I am still working at Citibank as a processor and he is now working for a non-profit healthcare organization.  Both of us are doing well and we've gotten into a good routine with our work-life schedules.  Almost every weekend, we have been going to Six Flags to have some good family-fun time.  We have met many new friends at church and continue to grow daily in our relationship with each other as well as our relationships with God.

Declan is getting baptized on June 29th at 5:00 at Element church and we'd love for all of you to join us.  We are so excited that he has decided to follow Christ!

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