Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well, I am going to go ahead and work while our friends are up, as much as I don't want to, it's the right thing to do. Not too much new is going on here. Pat and I finished our last cluster of this year and both of us finished with STRAIGHT A's!!! Pat found out that he does not graduate next December, but in June of next year, so he is super happy about that. It feels really strange to be on break and not have any homework or anything to do. I don't know what to do with my "free time". I presented my marketing plan to my class on Monday night and my instructor was very impressed and asked if she could share it with some other people. My project was on starting my own photography business, so I made a website to show everyone and then I passed around a pricing sheet. Anyway, my instructor showed the website to her class last night and then she e-mailed me afterwards. This was what she wrote to me:


It took me a while to get the internet to we did not have firefox on the system at the LCIE Building..However, one of the students was able to put it on and we showed the pictures. There was a positive response to your pictures and to your prices. Some one was interested in possible wedding pictures. I did not press the issue..just gave the information and price lists. Unfortunately the system here is not as good as what we have in Wentzville which was very disappointing.
I also left the CD and the information along with the picture you gave me for Lori Malloy..She is the Office Manager of the LCIE Program. I think you know her, she remembered you.
I told her about your still life pictures of flowers as well as your portraits..she is very interested in looking at them and to speak with you. They are redoing the office and walls and are in the process to look for art work. She asked for you to call her and speak with her.
She will be in the office Thursday and Friday and also next week.
I obviously could not give her prices on the pictures...
Lori's number is 636-949-4500. Her e-mail address is I think she comes in after 9 am.
I also gave your price list to an instructor who was teaching, I think his name is Dr. Bailey....
Let me know how the contact with Lori works out...You might have to check with her to see if she has the access on her computer. I also gave Lori the information you gave me for access.
I think you have great potential and I am most interested in seeing how this goes. I think this is very exciting!
Warmest Regards,
314-540-3485 cell

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